Rules of the “Lighthouses SP” Award


The “Lighthouses SP” award is issued for contacts with lighthouses located on Polish territory. Amateurs operating from Polish lighthouses can obtain the “QRV Lighthouses SP” award. These awards have differing rules. Both are issued by the Tri-City Association Of Radio Amateurs  (Trójmiejskie Stowarzyszenie Krótkofalowców) from Gdańsk, Poland.

The LIGHTHOUSES SP award can be obtained by submitting QSL confirmations of contacts with lighthouses located on Polish territory, made after July 1st, 1998. The QRV LIGHTHOUSES SP award can be obtained after submitting proof of operation from a Polish lighthouse, confirmed by the lighthouse keeper/manager.

List of SP lighthouses, the operation from which will be counted for the awards:


No. Place Loc
SPL 01 Gdańsk Port Północny JO 94 IJ
SPL 02 Krynica Morska JO 94 RJ
SPL 03 Hel JO 94 JO
SPL 04 Jastarnia JO 94 IQ
SPL 05 Rozewie JO 94 ET
SPL 06 Stilo JO 84 US
SPL 07 Czołpino JO 84 OR
SPL 08 Ustka JO 84 KO
SPL 09 Jarosławiec JO 84 GM
SPL 10 Darłowo JO 84 EK
SPL 11 Gąski JO 74 WF
SPL 12 Kołobrzeg JO 74 SE
SPL 13 Niechorze JO 74 MC
SPL 14 Kikut JO 73 GX
SPL 15 Świnoujście JO 73 DW


Contacts with stations operating from other lighthouses (not on the list) will not be eligible for the awards. The rules of the awards can be altered and brought up-to-date by the organisers, All disputed questions and problems will be decided upon by the award’s organisers.

Rules of the LIGHTHOUSES SP award.

The award is issued for confirmed contacts with stations operating from Polish lighthouses on all frequencies (amateur bands) in accordance with band-plans. Cross-mode, cross-band  contacts or QSOs made via any transponders are not eligible for the award.

The award  is issued in four classes:

TOP CLASS       -  for CW contacts with all SP lighthouses,

MASTER            -  for contacts on any mode with all SP lighthouses,

MEDIUM            -  for contacts on any mode with at least 8 SP lighthouses,

STANDARD        -  for contacts on any mode with at least 3 SP lighthouses.

Applications for the award will be accepted, after the QSL cards and the accompanying list of contacts is checked and confirmed by:

* two licensed amateurs,

* any amateur radio club (signed and sealed)

The award organisers do not accept any QSL cards for verification.

The award has to be obtained once - the STANDARD class is obligatory. A change to a higher class is made by submitting an application to the organisers. He applicant will receive stickers for the new award class, after the application is checked and accepted.

The award is issued to transmitting amateurs and to listeners.

The award fee for EU and DX stations is 7 IRC. A change to a higher award class costs 2 IRC for EU and DX stations.

Applications for the award are to be submitted to:

Award Manager SQ2RGB
Tomasz Lautenbach
ul. Grunwaldzka 476/1
80-309 Gdańsk

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